Frequently Asked Questions

a. All our eye examination rooms are equipped with HIGH DEFINITION LED TV's. Not only do they make the eye tests more accurate, but they are also better for the environment by being more energy efficient. These modern TV's are also capable to displaying 3D images and video, enabling us to perform more advanced eye tests than the normal optometrists down the road.

a. The Zeiss i-terminal is a very advanced frame measurement machine. Probably one of the most overlooked and valuable processes in optometry is the measurement process for your new spectacles. This machine enables us to measure your new multifocal or single vision spectacles perfectly (right down to a one hundredth of a millimetre), ensuring that after an accurate eye test we can have the lenses made perfectly, in the right place and at the right height in your new spectacles, ensuring not only clear vision but also comfortable vision.

a. The safe and advisable answer would be NO, but with the advanced lens materials in some of the lenses today, it has become safer and more comfortable to sleep with contact lenses. But make sure your optometrist gives you permission after he/she has examined your eyes and ensured you are a good candidate. Also stick to your follow-up visits.

a. Don't we all want to know this answer. At The Eyewear Boutique™ we keep up to date with the latest trend in eyewear from around the world. New releases are presented at the two main trade shows twice a year, first in Italy at MIDO and later the year in Paris at SILMO. These new trends and style come directly to our selves. Feel free to pop in and ask our eyewear guru's what frames suits you best.

a. The quick and easy option is lens wipes. They work like little alcohol swabs to not only clean your spectacle lenses but also your ipad screen, camera, binoculars and laptop. They are cheap and effective.

a. What is polarized? Polarized is amazing! By blocking horizontal light rays, polarized lenses reduce glare of flat surfaces like roads and water. Try it, you will love it.

a. Well anything with good quality lenses that protect your eyes from the damage that UV causes. Also for comfortable distortion free vision those brands with high quality lens materials.

a. In our opinion, Oakley has a great golf lens called G40. It enhanced the colour green to make putts easier to read.

a. Our pick will be the Oakley VR28 lens. It is not too dark but still blocks loads of glare. The VR28 lens also enhances colour that help seeing things better at highs speeds.

a. Always opt for a polarized lens the cut through glare on water. Our pick will be the Oakley Ice Iridium polarized lenses.

a. Our favourite driving lens will be the Oakley bronze polarized lenses. It's reduces glare from the road and enhances colours. If you want something darker, go for the Oakley grey polarized option.

a. Yes, you can order your contact lens supply online and we can also deliver to your door. Click here to order you lenses.

a. It's no secret that the two top selling sunglass brands are Ray-Ban and Oakley

a. Oakley fives squared

a. Ray-Ban wayfarer

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