If you are in need of corrective vision, contact lenses are an excellent choice to aid in the quest. The best contact lenses provide superior vision repair to men and women, teens and adults. And, with the numerous brands and styles of lenses you can ensure that you find exactly what you want and need. Here are five reasons that you should make the decision to use contact lenses for your vision correction needs.

      1. They Are Easy To Use

We will fit your contacts to your eyes as well as show you how to put them in. Although it may take a few tries, once you get the hang of inserting contacts you will love how easy they are to use!

  1. There’s A Lens For Everyone

Suffer from astigmatism or another type of eye problem? Custom contact lenses are for you! Problems such as this do not prevent one from wearing contacts, as there is a lens made for everyone and almost every eye condition.

  1. You Can Do So Much More With Contacts

Have you ever tried to play a sport wearing glasses? It can be a very tricky situation! And that is only one of many troubles that you could face wearing eyeglasses. With a pair of contact lenses you are free to be yourself and live your life without restrictions.

  1. Contacts Are Affordable

Contacts are affordable to purchase. The average pair of lenses will cost you about R350 for a box. Keep in mind contacts to treat special conditions will cost a little more, and the type of contacts will also affect the price. Try buying a pair of glasses for that price!

  1. Easier To Replace

Glasses that become broken or otherwise damaged can be costly to repair or replace. If you should lose your contacts, simply go get another pair out of the box and you’re done!