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The Eyewear Boutique Blog

Meet our fabulous eyewear Gurus!

It's time to introduce you to the ladies of The Eyewear Boutique. FIRST UP... Name: Charlize Rivas  Job title:  Practice and Marketing Assistant at our New Redruth Branch Favorite Frame: Etnia – La Rochelle Favorite part of working at The Eyewear Boutique: The clients, meeting new people every day, and of course working with an awesome team! Favorite movie:  Burlesque & The Green Mile Favorite song at the moment:  Mumford and Sons- I...

Driving and night driving | See Better

Werner Fourie Do you find night driving difficult?  What about driving into the sun? Ever get that pain when something is too bright? Your eyes are more important than what you may think. Most of the information that we receive are through our eyes. For safe driving we need good vision (visual acuity) and depth perception. Bright light causes glare, and glare is defined as the contrast lowering effect of stray light in a visual scene, thus reducing...