Struggling to read

So you had great vision your whole life but since you hit the big four-zero, you have started to notice your arms are too short? If you see the humour in the image below, it may be time to have your eyes examined.


What is Presbyopia?

In short, presbyopia is when the lens inside the eye loses its elasticity. It loses the ability to focus on near objects.

When will this happen?

Presbyopia starts in the late 30’s, but symptoms only really appear in the early 40’s. You will start by pushing reading material away from your eyes to more comfortably see it. You will also start to struggle to read in poor light.

Am I going blind?

No, you are okay for now. Your distance vision should stay unchanged; it is only the reading (near vision) that will be affected. That said, it is still important to have a full eye examination as many sight threatening conditions have little to no symptoms in the early stages.

What can be done?

Stay away from those cheap and nasty ready-made readers. If your optometrist gives you the “a-okay” to use them, great. But beware, they are just “reading aids” and not made to replace proper eye care.

To have the best vision, you firstly need a comprehensive eye test. Rarely will you find that both eyes are exactly the same. This can make a big difference in your reading comfort.

Secondly you need proper lenses. We use SEIKO for the manufacturing of our lenses. They produce our lenses in one of the most up-to-date lens production sites, based in Germany. This enables us to offer the thinnest and most aesthetic spectacle lenses possible.

Depending on your lifestyle and prescription, you have a few lens options:

Single vision lenses:

These lenses are just for reading. Distance vision will be blurry. Ideal for reading books and e-readers.

Extensive vision (Accommodative lenses):

Perfect option if you are between 35 and 45 showing first signs of decrease in ability to read at near. It puts an end to red and burning eyes that wearers of single vision lenses can suffer from.

Seiko computer lenses:

Ideal for patients working at a PC for many hours a day at distances of about 30cm to 2m. It relieves shoulder and neck tensions and tired, burning eyes.

Indoor lenses:

These lenses relieve your eyes during work and leisure. This lens views up to 4m. Perfect for meetings, at the PC and to work with clients sitting at your desk.

Multifocal lenses:

Seiko can provide progressive lenses comparable to a tailor-made suit – optically as well as aesthetically. Ideal for people looking for clear distance, intermediate and near vision.

For more exciting lenses that that help for day driving, night driving and more, come visit us in store. We are looking forward seeing you