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Do you find night driving difficult?  What about driving into the sun? Ever get that pain when something is too bright?

Your eyes are more important than what you may think. Most of the information that we receive are through our eyes. For safe driving we need good vision (visual acuity) and depth perception.

Bright light causes glare, and glare is defined as the contrast lowering effect of stray light in a visual scene, thus reducing the vision. This in turn can be very dangerous to you and others using the roads.

There are two main types of glare, discomfort and disability glare. Discomfort glare refers to the sensation one experiences when the light is too bright. Disability glare refers to reduced visibility in the presence of this bright light, that blinding light.

To reduce glare when driving

  • ·         Ensure your eyes are emmetropic (has no script), if they are not, wear your prescription spectacles
  • ·         Ensure your windscreen and your prescription spectacles are clean and scratch free
  • ·         Wear glare reducing and UV protective eyewear like proper sunglasses
  • Don’t stare at oncoming headlights, it takes longer to recover from the glare
  • ·         Get your eyes tested once a year, many ocular conditions can cause increased sensitivity to glare

Anti-reflective coatings reduces glare at night time driving

glare driving

Also ask your optometrist to test your contrast sensitivity next time you have your eyes tested, because this may indicate ocular conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma. Make sure that your eyes are healthy and receive adequate care.

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