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Armand Aucamp comes for an eye exam

We are blessed with some amazing friends, and Armand is no exception. He is an inspiration and all round great person...  Here he is see with Liscinda after his recent eye exam when he collected his new...

Do you know somebody in need? 

Our non profit, Project Cat-Eye was set up to assist people that cannot afford eye care or glasses.  If you know anybody that you would like to assist, please send us the details. Unfortunately we cannot assist everybody, so please...

5 easy ways to choose the perfect glasses

Okay, so you had your annual eye examination and it is time to get new glasses/spectacles/eyewear/specs-appeal. Whatever you call it, we are here to assist you in choosing the perfect pair of glasses. 5 ways to get the perfect frame   1~ The Look   Sophisticated, fun, chic, modern or vintage. What look do you want to go for? This is an important place to start, , it will help to narrow down your options when know the look you want. TIP:...

7 Questions answered about your kids vision

Questions & Answers with Optometrist Werner Fourie When it comes to your children's vision, it is very difficult to get valuable feedback from them. Children with poor vision will not always complain as that is all they are used to and may not know any better.   If they don't tell you they have a problem, how would you know? Below are some questions many parents may have.   Question 1: Without good vision, my child can...