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History (Our Story)

It was a long journey to come where we are now. Here is how we started.

2008 - Graduation

Optometrist Werner Fourie graduated from the University of the Free State. He was immediately offered full time employment by optometrist Dirk Kotze in George.

2009 - First Store Opening

In pursuit of new challenges, Werner opened his first store, Werner Fourie Optometrists. Within this structure “The Sunglass Shop” was born.

2010 - Re-Branding

Having identified the need for a more exclusive and fashion orientated shopping experience, we rebranded the business “The Eyewear Boutique” and trademarked it for exclusive use in South Africa.

2011 - Project Cat-Eye - "Our Charity"

Having a strong believe in giving back to the community, we registered our own NPO “Project Cat-Eye” with the motto of “helping people seeing better”. This includes giving free eye tests and spectacles to the needy.

2013 - New Redruth Boutique Opening

The success of the boutique concept resulted expansion to Johannesburg. In 2013 we acquired our new store in Alberton from PG Optics. it was rebranded and opened as the first “Eyewear Boutique” in Gauteng.

2014 - Meyersdal Mall Boutique Opening

Following this trend, the George practice was sold to Eyeland, and we opened our 2nd boutique in Meyersdal, Johannesburg. The Eyewear Boutique has become an eyewear destination serving the fashion conscious of Gauteng.

2017 - Bril Paarl Optometrist

Our Journey portrayed in a short Poem by Liscinda van Eck (Werner’s Sister)
One very long, very cold night and one very tall bottle of red wine, that is where it all began. A combination of passion and a smoke filled room filled with dreams. That dream turned into 5 practices, 2 dogs and a wife. With music is in our veins and family is our bones.
Jokes, tears and a little bit of heavy sweat; A few times I might add. It started at Southern Cape., then Southern Gauteng. Southern Gauteng again. Southern Gauteng once again!
And now added. Remastered. Cultured. Brand New. Bril. Western Cape. Afrikaans. Want ons is

We love coffee

Welcome to Caffeinated Optometry. At The Eyewear Boutique™ you will find every barista’s dream; a proper bean-to-cup coffee machine. We hope you love coffee as much as we do. Our Latte-art may not be the best, but our selection of eyewear sure is… Come espresso yourself with our extravagant frames.

We love people

Life is not just about working and making money, nor about optometry and eyewear. Life is about more than that. Good eyesight gives us the ability to see the beauty in the world. Because good eyesight should not only be for the privileged, we started our own charity to assist people in need. Read more about “Project Cat-Eye”.

We love eyewear

Okay let’s be honest, we love eyewear, but we suck at ugly glasses. Werner hand-picks all the frames that will be allowed into The Eyewear Boutique™ stores himself. ensuring every frame fits right in with our personality and values. Contact us today to arrange an exclusive viewing for yourself and a friend or loved one. See you soon

Our Vision

To sell experiences, not eyewear

Our Mission

To make people see better:

Enhance vision with the most comprehensive, informative and technologically advanced eye testing

To make people look better:

Stock the most unique, fashionable and trending eyewear currently available

To make people feel better:

Have our customers feel confident, pampered and loved