Okay, so you had your annual eye examination and it is time to get new glasses/spectacles/eyewear/specs-appeal. Whatever you call it, we are here to assist you in choosing the perfect pair of glasses.

5 ways to get the perfect frame


1~ The Look


Sophisticated, fun, chic, modern or vintage. What look do you want to go for? This is an important place to start, , it will help to narrow down your options when know the look you want.

TIP: The Vintage Inspired look is trending in our boutiques… and world wide.

2~ The Colour


The right colour adds a lot of personality to a frame. Think bright red frames versus and neutral brown frame. If you want to make a statement, then add more colour.

TIP: Brown and Matt Black is good colour if you want to play safe, but who wants to play safe?

3~ The Size


Size always matters. It is extremely important that you get a frame that is sized correctly for your face shape and size. A frame that is too narrow will make you look fat and stupid. A frame that is too big will make you look childish and sloppy. We are talking about the width of the frames. Frames have measurements on the inside of the temples that give you the nose bridge, lens and temple sizes.

TIP: Large lenses are cool, it adds to the nerd look with a dash of vintage. And yes that is trendy, for now..

4~ The Comfort


What does it help if you have the perfect pair of spectacles but you cannot wear them? Think Jimmy Choo’s that always hurt your feet, what is the point then. Yes we understand that “beauty is painful”, but when it comes to your new specs-appeal, is does not have to be. Always go for a light frame with the perfect size for your face

TIP: Plastic frames without those “pointy” nose-pieces are best when it comes to comfort on the nose

5~ The Lenses


Go with anti-reflective lenses to enhance the appearance. You want people to still see your beautiful eyes, and not their own reflection in the lenses. Don’t spoil your sexy glasses with budget uncoated lenses that make your eyes disappear

TIP: Most premium lenses have up to 7 different coatings, making them easier to clean